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            Project Cases

            Shanghai Huguang Transformer Co., Ltd's major accomplishments include 'Domestic Major Projects'

            'Domestic and Foreign Famous Customers', a part of the project cases are listed below

            Domestic Major Projects

            The pavilion with the largest visitor volume record in Expo history.

            Expo China Pavilion

            Includes a 18,000-seat major venue, the perpetual arena of 2010 Shanghai Expo.

            Mercedes-Benz Arena

            Comes out top of Fortune Global 500, the largest public-utility enterprise.

            State Grid Corporation of China

            The greatest International passenger handling capacity among domestic airports, the third greatest cargo handling capacity among all airports in the world.

            Shanghai Pudong International Airport

            One of the biggest air harbours in China.

            Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

            Currently the very best steel structure arch bridge with the biggest span in the world.

            Lupu Bridge

            The intensively nationwide culture relic protection site, important historical relic and representative architecture of modem China, one of the major landmarks of Shanghai.

            The Bund

            The north extend of Shanghai Bund, formed the 'first chain' of Huangpu River.

            Shanghai Shimao North Bund

            The first pedestrian street of Shanghai.

            Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

            Special railway line length 29.863 kilometers, the first elevated maglev special railway line for commercial use in the world.

            Shanghai Maglev Train

            The longest entire city railway line of China, ranked at the first of world's city railway line length ranking.

            Shanghai Metro

            Total length of 17.5 kilometers, the first public traffic system with transportation capability between subway and normal bus of Shanghai.

            Yan'an Road BRT

            China mainland's fifth and Huazhong region's first urban railway transport network after Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou.

            Wuhan Metro

            The first tramcar line in Hubei Province.

            Wuhan Tramcar

            Changsha Metro Line 1, Changsha Metro Line 2 and Changsha Magnetic-levitation Express are currently in operation.

            Changsha Metro

            Since the beginning of operation, the speed of development continuously increased, aiming at achieving the level of top-ranking urban railway transportation.

            Chengdu Metro

            The railway transportation between Chengdu city center and satellite cities as well as suburb areas.

            Chengdu Tramcar

            The three lines' total length is 51 kilometers, 20 stations on the entire line, passing through multiple important industrial areas and resident compact districts.

            Shenzhen Longhua Tramcar

            China mainland's seventh, Jiangsu Province's third urban tramcar, the longest non-overhead line system, contemporary tramcar line.

            Huai'an City Tramcar

            Important part of 'three rings and ten lines' skeleton road network of Shanghai central urban area's road traffic.

            Intermediate Ring Road

            The longest elevated road of Shanghai.

            South-North Elevated Road

            The only elevated road with silver-based golden-lines dragon tattoo on the bottom.

            Eastern Yan'an Elevated Road

            Currently the very first integrated elevated road in elevated form.

            Gonghexin Elevated Road

            One of the expressways from Shanghai's city center to Baoshan district and Chongming Island.

            Yixian Elevated Road

            The first submarine highway tunnel, also the first tunnel with shield-method construction.

            Dapu Road Tunnel

            The first cross-river tunnel with double deck, double barrel and six lanes in the world.

            Fuxingdong Road Tunnel

            The shield-method constructed tunnel with the largest diameter in the world.

            Shangzhong Road Tunnel

            The biggest under-construction municipal project in Shanghai at the moment, also the longest highway tunnel of Shanghai so far.

            Hongmeinan Road Tunnel

            The first cross-river tunnel of China.

            Huangpu River Pedestrian Tunnel

            The longest domestic tunnel.

            Shaanxi Zhongnan Mountain-Qinling Mountains Tunnel

            Nation's 'eight-five' major project, the project with biggest investment among the first batch of the big ten infrastructure projects of Shanghai Pudong.

            Waigaoqiao Power Plant

            One of the big three power plants of Shanghai.

            Shidongkou Power Plant

            China's first thermal power plant constructed with loan from the World Bank.

            Beilun Power Plant

            The first 300,000 kW pressurized water reactor nuclear power station with China's self design, construction and operations management.

            Qinshan Nuclear Power Station

            China's university park with relatively large scale and seven reputable universities locate in.

            Songjiang College Town

            World's famous manufacturer of cranes and large steel structures, the order quantity of container machinery is on the first position of the industry in the world.

            ZPMC (Zhenhua Port Machinery)

            The first domestic theatre-style gymnasium.

            Shanghai Gymnasium

            The first 5-Star hotel of Shanghai.

            JC Mandarin Hotel

            Special-grade hotel of central state organ system.

            Beijing Guoyi Hotel

            Domestic and Foreign Customers

            Siemens, Germany

            Kone Cranes Lifting Businesses, Finland

            Weatherford, USA

            Kalmar, Sweden

            Pepsi, USA

            Carrefour, France

            Sinopec, China

            China Telecom, China

            Shanghai Electric, China

            Bao Steel, China

            Zhenhua Port Machinery, China

            Shanghai Media Group, China

            Shanghai Tobacco Group, China

            Pacific, China

            Xin Min Evening News, China

            Greenland Group, China

            State Grid Corporation of China, China

            Leland Stanford Junior University

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